project briefing + reflection: monday nov 7, week 1


  • shows confinement vs point of departure
  • has door / window + architectural element
  • choose interesting architectural spaces, how to use existing archi elements?
  • consider
    • (action) prop placement
    • camera movement
    • lighting – time of day? weather? location context?
    • green screen for window – what exterior location?
  • justification – why chosen colours/shapes/lines/mood? what do they represent?


  • Edward Hopper paintings –> Kave Quinn Production Design influenced
  • History of Wimbledon building in eg. 1920s?


  • Bombarded with information about project from project briefing but in a good way, good springboard to develop ideas, concepts, found myself already jumping from idea to idea in my head
  • Erasmus: definitely an option to consider, had not thought about noting it on a CV – benefit, US options?
  • Visual analysis talk:
    • reminded me of middle school Film IB class ‘mise en scene’ analysis of trailers frame by frame in extreme detail
    • I find I enjoy analysis + deconstruction + finding hidden meaning very much, whether in visual, conceptual or textual form
    • Edward Hopper paintings: eye opening to see how original art inspired the aesthetic of production designs by Kave Quinn
  • Initial location surveying + exploring locations in Wimbledon:
    • had not fully stopped to analyse and look at architecture in campus before, is interesting to look at it with fresh eyes from a new perspective, seeing the spaces conceptually transformed in your mind
    • particularly aesthetically pleasing to me:
      • long, large scale fire escapes + suspended corridors (reminds me of New York architecture)
      • grid-pattern windows, loft style architecture
      • nooks and crannies – under staircases, beside stairs/doors, wedged between things, quirky touch
keeping a record of locations i found interesting was incredibly useful in seeing the options I had explored and could choose form.
  • Beginning floor plan location surveying + measuring:
    • found it easier to work collaboratively with Anya, one measuring one recording to work efficiently –> reflects media industry’s collaborative working process
    • observed differences in ways of working: anya quickly found a location and chose it to survey, I took more time to take in and analyse different locations (I like options, alternative concepts/ideas)


^ sketching rough layout of flooplans and brainstorming possible ideas for transforming the locations helped me to kickstart the development process and see possibilities for the final outcome.

quick brainstorming helped me to deconstruct the project and organise my initial thoughts effectively.
  • concept of transformed location – 1940s?
    • want to chose era I don’t know specifics about historically so I can do a lot of research and push myself
    • interest in 1940s era from stories about WWII, Captain America, jazz music, fashion, architectural aesthetic
  • chosen locations in Wimbledon:
    • wood workshop corridor:
      • interesting long, steadicam shot through different parts of corridor
      • sectioned – clearly definable parts for different narrative purposes
      • hard to fit crew/large cameras inside?
      • movement and character with doors, windows, fixtures
    • under staircase outside TASE studio
      • very interesting nooks/crannies/confined spaces created
      • feels like a back alleyway, hideout den, place to hide hidden treasure?
      • sloped roofs – confinement, oppressive vs open to sky part

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