research resources for ‘transforming a location’

To pinpoint exactly what kind of film set I would like to create, I collated research and inspiration for the 1940s era that I would like to focus on. The culture, architecture, music and social historical context of the 1940s have been things I am intrigued by since discovering my love for Jazz and Swing music of the era, as well as watching the Captain America films and reading the comics set in this era.

first hand sources:

second hand sources:

  • book: designer drafting for the entertainment world
  • book: model making by david neat



‘captain america: the first avenger’ references:

original fiction era-specific inspiration:

general inspiration:

  • costume/character: 1940s clothes modelled by friends
    • high waist trousers, blouses, dresses
    • character inspo: peggy carter
1940s dress kay.jpg
Kay: 1940s casual dress
  • find period-specific original fiction story (ao3), production design one location from story for project? (above) #

spatial/set design inspiration:

2.jpg   4.jpg

Derek Mclane: Fully Commited, A Lie of the Mind




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