reflection: thursday nov 10 (tech drawing)

  • first real progress made on technical drawing, was trial and error process:
    • tried measuring overall dimensions out of scrap trace paper to arrange layout properly – was effective, but took quite a long time, would’ve been more efficient to scale down and draw on smaller pieces of paper/scaled down layout
    • had difficulty with parallel motion on new board – flimsy, did not stay in middle, always trapped tracing paper under it and creased it, had to adjust knobs very carefully to hold the rule at ideal height off board
  • we used each other for support and advice, learning all together at same time gave me motivation to create the best work possible and help others to do the same
  • realised smaller measurements were missing when trying to draw out floorplan, had to go remeasure space. part of development trial/error process!


  • stylistic references: very helpful to look at existing examples from different draughtspeople and their small differences in depiciting dimensions/symbols
  • Book: Designer Drafting for The Entertainment World

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