reflection: tuesday/wednesday nov 8/9 (technical drawing) 

These past two days, my thoughts have very much been on the US election and it’s outcome. It was hard trying to focus on studio work knowing that a huge shift in society and everyone’s future lives was and is happening, regardless of being American or not. Trump’s vocal racism against minorities and sexism felt very personal to me as a Hong Kong girl and having someone who advocates such unacceptable behaviour in such a large position of power is terrifying to me. However, I have tried my best to crunch down and keep developing my work.


  • location surveying: may not have realised during initial visual survey, but spaces have many different smaller sections/dimensions to be measured, was a long process to gather data but felt satisfying afterwards.
  • height measurements: difficult with a tape measure, next time should try the digital height measure for ease and accuracy
  • was sometimes hard to visualise floorplan from just looking within space, had to account for extra pillars/spaces


  • exploring chosen space further: allowed me to visualise what builds/elements would be practical to put into space + explore filming angles
    • moving up and corridor – practicality of moving past doors?
    • filming straight up/down – other end of corridor/exterior visible, need to cover up or set dress!



  • found floor plan layouts in fire escape route diagrams – helpful in visualising plan, relativity to other spaces around.
location photos and rough 3D sketch of space – useful for understanding construction and build of space



  • Excited to learn completely new skill of technical drawing, has been a while since I started learning something from the very beginning with no previous knowledge
  • However, found transferable skills from maths area calculations, design and technology scale drawings
  • Never worked in such a large scale to such accuracy before, takes a lot of concentration to work precisely rather than freehand as I have been used to in most of my previous artistic practice.



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