reflection: friday nov 11/monday nov 14

creating rough plans was essential for me to visualise the measurements of the space, or else i would have gotten very confused with all the details in different planes of space.

  • started drawing up elevations: found much easier to visualise after drawing floorplan, was easier to take elevations/extend from floor plan drawing
    • starting to feel like I am getting the hang of technical drawing, very mechanical controlled process that feels therapeutic to an extent
  • whilst drawing details, found insufficient information to draw eg. windowframes/multi layered door frames, can avoid multiple times needed to remeasure details next time by drawing close up diagrams with measurements to provide all information
  • problems encountered: smaller measurements did not add up to the larger one, had to go remeasure to ensure measurements added up correctly.

  • lettering practice: found starting with larger 1 inch letters better for developing shapes, was hard to adjust to writing so wide letters and in restricted boundaries. switching to smaller 1/8 fonts was easier after, I understood the shape and form of the characters already.

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