reflection: tuesday 15 nov/wednesday 16 nov

  • photoshop induction advanced: more skills/tools learnt, useful in manipulating interior to create ideal set design concept
    • actions
    • dpi versus image size
    • clone tools
    • transform shortcuts
    • pen tool to remove background, turn into selection
    • lighting rendering
    • saving as progressive image
  • shortcuts, learned to cut out shapes/manipulate more effectively + to higher standard
  • –> ideas:
    • manipulating photos of location chosen to illustrate transformation into set design?
    • mood board: edit and manipulate images to fit characters/set/mood/genre


  • continued technical drawing:Β 
    • drafting going smoother after multiple remeasuring, general forms and details established on paper
    • working with line weights: need time to practice differentiating 3 different line weights (light med heavy), lines end up looking different tones rather than clearly different ones
    • shading/rendering: not used to rendering with set square/parallel motion, find it very rigid compared to usual sketching rendering, takes getting used to and finding control for different line weights/tones


  • research: have not been doing too much this week, should look into visiting museum, reading reference books, looking further into research resources masterpost

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