reflection: mon nov 21/tues nov 22

scan tech drawing copy.jpg

  • finished plans, adding more line thickness, hatching walls, editing out measurements to look neater, polishing and fine tuning drawing
  • found that ‘less is more’, simpler measurements make the drawing look more professional and more readable
  • overall, I quite like drafting as a process, is quite calming and therapeutic and I have missed working with numbers and figures a little bit as I have been solely working on art related projects the past year. However, I would like to try digital drafting (sketchup/vectorworks) as an alternative to see if it would be faster for me to grasp and express my ideas, as drafting still takes me quite a long time in total to complete.
  • going forward, I need to focus on my research and narrow down ideas on what I am transforming my location into as I still don’t have a very clear idea. First hand location sourcing, museum visits, historical research and concept sketching and brainstorming will help me to achieve this.

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