passenger concert – nov 25 fri



  • lighting design – extremely inspirational! large variations of lighting that changed according to song and performance/what was happening on stage:
    • rainbow rows of LED lighting tubes, changing colours in ombre patterns
    • single light shone behind singer to create sihlouetted glowing effect
    • strobe lighting adjusting to people and band on stage
    • helped to tell story of performance, made it increasingly intimate/hyped up with energy depending on how much the light was moving/changing
  • passenger – told lots of anecdotes and stories behind songs, gave extra insight and depth of relatability as i was familiar with songs but did not know just how much inspiration and weight/emotion was behind them when he was writing them
  • more research into songs –> themes of everyday love and loss could be inspiration for future projects?
  • crowd – so enthusiastic when singing!!

eventim apollo (venue): (1) (2)

  • venue refurbished by James Morse Lighting Design (architainment lighting) in 2013
  • “intelligent colour-changing LED lighting systems to implement this plan. Due to the fixtures’ ability to achieve a high degree of brightness, the firms selected Philips Color Kinetics products to replace the conventional light sources originally lining the theatre entrance.”
  • ColorBurst Compact Powercore, ColorBlast Powercore and ColorReach Compact Powercore were strategically placed along the Apollo’s façade to provide extensive illumination to the venue’s entryway, revitalising the structure by saturating its bold columns and distinct marquee with a variety of rich colours.”
  • “Phase one of the refurbishment Eventim Apollo was overseen by award-winning architects Foster Wilson. Highlights include fixtures and fittings to original designs, restorations of the ornate plasterwork and historically sensitive decoration to match the original paint scheme.”



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