work experience: VICE christmas commercial (art department assistant)

  • part of VICE tradition – does christmas ad parodies every year!
  • –> future inspiration from existing christmas ad themes?

tasks completed:

  • set dressing and design with other assistant and Set Dresser, creating homey christmas scene
  • checking continuity of props and set between scenes
  • making and changing hero book prop covers, props assistant for bat/book during takes
  • stand in for actors whilst blocking scenes and dressing set details


  • first experience of being on an ‘official’ shooting set, loved atmosphere and energy of everyone on their toes, enthusiastic to be there and shoot scenes
  • production problems are inevitable even when planned to the finest detail – props van carrying all main props was over an hour late, location chosen was not ideal for scene being shot, too many/too few props and materials available, had to improvise with available materials
  • shoot can change in a split second depending on what director wants: props modified, blocking of actors completely changed, locations and placings changed
  • everyone knows their role and carries it out, eg. lighting crew but is always willing to help out other departments if needed, 1st AD/DOP very hands-on in fixing costume, makeup and set dressing details, helping out actors with movements

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