• starting colour model: same initial process of transfering floor plan to paper/foamboard, tried out pinprick on corners method of tracing shapes of elevations but i did not like the process personally, found it easier to remeasure individual lengths of elevation sizes and details within to get most accurate lines and placing.

  • consideration needed starting from construction of elevations as had to think about material and texturing up walls
    • elevations constructed in kappa line foam board so that texturing can be done directly onto the elevation cut out later on for brickwork/indents in wall
    • door frames/archways still constructed from mountboard initially as needed thinner panels to build up doorframe shapes and contours, needed structure to be accurate
    • experimented with using PVC foamboard to get thinner, more accurate structures for window plane divisions, found it very easy to use and cut to get a good quality finish
    • progress overall: practical work completed but conceptually need to do more brainstorming and refining of idea to have a clearer concept to carry out for coloured model —> collating and going back over research to synthesise ideas together 

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