colour model making process

IMG_9750.JPG   IMG_9762 (1).JPG

  • initial structure process: was similar to white card model but used kappa line foamboard to build up walls = much easier to build up structure

IMG_9765.JPG   IMG_9817.JPG

  • texturing bricks with wire brush – very effective, have never used this method before

IMG_9781.JPG     IMG_9782.JPG

  • visualisation of 3D space: was very helpful to hold pieces in place to get a 3D view of surfaces together

IMG_9816.JPG  IMG_9814.JPG    IMG_9815.JPG

IMG_9842.JPG     IMG_9845.JPG   IMG_9844 (1).JPG

IMG_9843.JPG   IMG_9868.JPG

  • constructing furniture: found cereal box card as a substitute for stencil card, mountboard works very well to build up texture

IMG_9813.JPG        ,IMG_9764.JPG

IMG_9763.JPG       IMG_9837.JPG

  • trial and experimentation of different paint textures for bricks
  • printing wallpaper on tissue paper: surprisingly effective, looks quite convincing

IMG_9838.JPG  IMG_9820.JPGIMG_9817.JPG  IMG_9830.JPG

  • building textures and visuals of walls: brickwork took many coats to get a 3D effect, but drybrushing really helped it looks more realistic

IMG_9840.JPG  IMG_9874.JPG

final assembly of parts: building basic structure first then set decoration to ensure no over or under-dressing of set.


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