feb 19: initial mockups of sets and characters


exterior mockup on animation wooden blocks


interior mockup with initial furniture

  • group had a burst of inspiration during development, all were hitting a creative block whilst trying to reach unified concept for sets, tried creating a quick 3D mockup model together with newspaper to illustrate our combined ideas –> worked extremely well


design mockups for crowder and doobee, not to scaleΒ 

  • as set mockups worked so well, i created mockups of the characters to achieve same purpose of being able to decide on final designs by seeing them in 3D format
  • illustrated my ideas a lot more effectively –> next step is creating to-scale mockups so they can be seen inside the set and moved around

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-26 at 10.38.54 PM.jpeg

  • to scale mockup – was too small to fit into exterior set as scale reference used was only the interior –> scale for both sets needs to be considered for final characters measurements

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