may 15 – final animation presentation


(link to powerpoint)

feedback on presentation:

  • character-driven story: very much so, did not fully realise until looking back retrospectively, scenes and stories built around main charas
  • if submitting to eg. brighton film festival – slow down credits, adjust slight editing lagging issues with certain shots to give a smoother effect


notes from other presentations:


initial animation project references

to serve as visual inspiration/reference for project:

stripeland: jap origami stop motion video

The Maker by Christopher Kezelos

London animation festival



  • dulux paint swatches: era based paint swatches, “Heritage”



  • colour of soup: too yellow: in retrospect, was rushing towards end to finish and didnt mix out color to more realistic tone, could pay more attention to every detail in animation project
  • sympathetic to space: realistic as i thought of surrounding space and use eg. extra rooms, exterior
  • masking tape to put up posters: MORE RESEARCH needed into types of tape available in 1940s, did they only use wallpaper paste/brown tape? reduced effect of realism as it stuck out in the set
  • CONCEPT: departure theme (departing from lonely bleak exterior to warm interior) was not as conceptually strong


GENERAL COMMENTS from others’ presentations:

  • show evidence of human inhabitation and characters within details in set, defining hero prop of character
  • colours + tones: make darker in set, show up lighter on camera
  • challenge your existing skills –> go outside comfort zone, experiment, expand skills
  • research into realistic looks/finishes of metal of eras eg. 1800s copper vs modern aluminium
  • defining architecture of era:
    • cladding and changing existing architecture that isnt relevant to set
    • how to make the era clear, visible immediately?
    • clear research
  • models: put beams across  top to suggest ceiling without creating entire solid roof: HOWEVER during filming and lighting, creates unwanted shadows
  • MATERIAL: wax moulded to make props eg. bottles
    • be careful with using modern ‘period set’ films eg. Modern Sherlock RDJ/Jude Law, would be using 3rd hand research, reference as ‘inspo’
    • better to do own 1st hand research into era
    • watch films produced and made during era directly
  • RESEARCH: textures, clear era reference
    • are walls lined/painted/cladded over irl?
  • PRESENTATION: powerpoint images, plan clear talking points
  • does model communicate its purpose?
  • MODEL:
    • is a thinking vehicle for ideas, springboard for development
    • visualisation + communication of concept



Molinare post production company Runner Work experience: dec 12-16 

got to sit in with variety of departments, gained lots of insight into what post prod houses do and individual roles, how they all fit together

most interesting: seeing colour grading/editing suites, full scale operating panels in use 

runner: all teas and coffees! no two days the same, always diff small jobs/problems to fix 

NETWORKING: learning curve, small talking, always being open to meeting new people, building rapport

VSCO x Apple Store Photography Session with Hannah Faith (Dec 6)

  • really inspiring to learn how she started off as aspiring photographers/creatives like us, related to her in how she found initial creative inspiration online on Tumblr/Pinterest and spurred more creative projects. 
  • her niche/emphasis on portraiture: personally dont have much experience with it in practice but interesting to hear her take on it and tips/tricks for making it work successfully, can be applied to more urban/environmental photography that I am more inclined to. 
  • vsco app/photoshop editing of photos —> apply to project for moodboard or editing concept photos/final photos of models and space to enchance visuals.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.52.49 pm.png

FILM: MOONLIGHT + QNA with barry jenkins

colour symbolism analysis:

Image result for moonlight

<– yellow colour: symbolic in story of hope, ‘light’ in the darkness, sunshine versus moonlight?



<– blue scenes bathed in ‘moonlight’ during dusk, symbolic of turning over a new leaf, transitioning to a new phase of life, darkness compared to skin colour of African Americans



<– combination of yellow and red in the same shot: yellow for hope, light in the darkness, red as symbol for passion, love, lust, strong emotion

–> this cafe scene is where they realised their true feelings for each other

<– 3 distinct phases of Chiron’s life symbolised in different colours reflecting his state of mind and personality, identity as a person




article about moonlight:





<– very progressive, radical views

“bathe our eyes and minds in its baptismal waters”  –  beautiful metaphor!!! exactly how I felt when i watched the film






personal thoughts on moonlight

  • ‘overcomes institutionalised racism and homophobia to tell a story thats never been told before’ – opinion on Twitter, reflects core of film
  • such a refreshing ‘coming of age’ story about finding oneself and ones identity in a matter-of-fact manner of daily life that isn’t usually granted to stories about people of colour
  • extremely effective and impactful use of colour: pinks, yellows, blues symbolising different motifs, recurring themes and emotions
  • use of song in cafe scene between black and kevin: your heart ‘drops’ when you realise the meaning of the song, incredible experience as the audience viewer
  • same sex relationship portrayed with as much care and time dedicated to as a stereotypical heteronormative romance story


  • three part structure in circle plot
  • [ ] three times (2005)
  • 6-8 story beats in 30 min x3 parts
  • [ ] medicine for melancholy
  • multi layered characters
  • no rehearsals!
  • spaces between dialogue filled with emotion: more powerful than actual dialogue
  • film doesnt take sides of people
  • life is perpendicular in context
  • 25 day shoot
  • SILENCE!!!! peaceful, chiron speaks less and less
  • love we expand, fear we shrink
  • [ ] claire de ney? french art house film
  • chop and screw music – classical music DURING CIGARETTE SCENE!!!
  •  script wrote in 10 days immersion in writing in belgium
  • IMMERSION CINEMA, faith in audience to understand and feel what characters feel
  • “but im your momma aint i?” – 48 frames slow mo to feel the line
  • trust director knows what theyre doing
  • give actors space to feel emotion, fluidity
  •  actors love to create own vision for character
  • naomi harris: used youtube documentaries about addiction, personal interviews
  • paula – addiction as escape for pain
  •  [ ] james laxton – cinematographer
  • frame size, lenses, colours
  • miami – beautiful nightmare, neorealist, hypersaturation
  • [ ] HAPPY TOGETHER – wong kar wai homage, sonnnggg
  • sensuality vs sexuality
  • [ ] walter mursh – in the blink if an eye – editor “the eyes are the windows to the soul” – editing breaks soul between audience and character
  • chiron/kevin main actors never met
  • method filming/acting
  • casted actors withoutt non verbal quality – emoting without speaking!!