may 18 – tate modern

Cildo Meireles, ‘Babel’ 2001

Babel, Cildo Meireles, 2001

  • made the strongest impression on me this visit, because of its sheer scale and atmosphere of walking into a dim room
  • was like stepping into another dystopia world, surrounded by flashing lights and noise of radios humming
  • –> using light this effectively to create atmosphere, focusing and contrasting light to highlight the important parts of the design –> apply to design of the interior set




tate exchange:

  • probably my favourite area of the tate, interactive art is something I really enjoy and wish there was more of in galleries/museums
  • was inspired to add to existing scale (above), prompt about society and the influence of art made me think about my recent experiences of feeling displaced culturally in society between east and west, how art is a bridging medium between the two that doesn’t abide by language or cultural norms
  • ‘if this cardboard box was society, illustrate how you would change it’  –> i created installation over space of boxes connected by tape (like the ‘red string’ that ties people together in chinese folklore) as a visual representation of connecting people together, diversifying



april 2-16 – new york trip


times square, chinatown, sightseeing 

  • atmosphere of walking in the street – full of energy that doesn’t exist any other place in the world, vibrancy and always something new and interesting happening

BRXN5906.jpg CPLM0539.jpg


visiting the MOMA and the MET – picasso, van gogh works 

  • had the opportunity to see some of my favourite paintings in person, very surreal experience!
  • whole trip was incredibly inspiring, gave me a different view of life that was so different to what I was used to but felt so at home in
  • very motivated to move to study here!

feb 27: virpi kettu talk/tutorials






  • pointed out a lot of animation techniques that we hadn’t considered yet so far in much detail (squash and stretch, cushioning), consideration needed for when we are animating first hand
  • puppet making skills incredibly helpful to guide us to make our puppets as we did not have a clear idea of how to technically make them
  • decided on wire armature and felting after discussion, would be most time-effective and practical for our project


feb 20: sarah haulden

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-27 at 3.54.35 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2017-02-27 at 3.55.24 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2017-02-27 at 3.54.18 PM.jpegIMG_0815.JPG

  • Sarah Haulden had a refreshing very can-do attitude to work and our project!
  • discussing with her helped us to figure out solutions to our problems with scale, drawing simple mockups on paper and testing out scales on both interior and exterior sets
  • realised we could use the same scale puppets, ‘fake’ the scale on the exterior to avoid needing to make two puppets of each to different scales, solved a lot of worries about creating environments to two different scales.

feb 9: phil lewis animation lecture




  • having grown up with watching wallace and gromit – very surreal to see behind-the-scenes of making and how characters were brought to life
  • storyboard: almost picture-perfect to shots from final film, amazing thought and planning taken into account, very clear vision of what film needed to be
  • interesting to come back to it looking through lens as a designer, as a kid did not even consider that someone had to hand animate characters and scenes!


  • in awe of the detail gone into designs, Phil’s passion and knowledge for boats really shows in his work


  • seeing that professional designers also work in this manner in their workspace – inspiration and ideas placed visually everywhere – made me really happy as this is the way i naturally work and think through ideas!



  • particularly liked Phil Lewis’ concept art, really like his illustration style, aesthetic and conveys a mood clearly whilst serving its function of expressing idea and concepts
  • reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s concept art – fluid expressive watercolour style

concept art for Spirited Away (2011)

—-> use Ghibli films as visual/conceptual inspiration, have various spider like characters, birds, relevant set designs

exhibition: Room by Sadie Coles: jan 28 sat 

conceptualisation and portrayal of domestic spaces by female artists 

roles of room: metaphor for psyche or as social contstruct

particularly interesting: yellow wallpaper installation of tapestries, had studied the book in GCSE english, really liked themes of gender roles being explored, was an “ah hah” moment when i saw in the gallery

exploring theme of rooms being miniaturised/multiplied/fragmented —> link to scale models we just produced

concept of room as a tangible entity, rooted in specific space abd time, charged with emotional and creative resonance