i wanted to find more first hand research into existing architecture and styles of the 1940/1950s, what life was like during these periods to inform my concept development.

IMG_8471.JPG     IMG_8468 (1).JPGIMG_8471.JPG  IMG_8496.JPG

  • architecture: good to have idea of what exterior of building would have looked like, what my corridor space could have been part of within a real life period building, especially if art of the exterior needs to be built



  • visual inspiration for food related graphics in kitchen, what mightve been available at time, what brands


  • insight into authentic homes and places lived by New Yorkers over the years –> crafting realistic location and character



general inspiration masterpost


  • georges melies
  • frederic bazile
  • kerry james marshal
  • gorky


Front Cover

Full Spectrum: Prints from the Brandywine Workshop

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Shelley R. Langdale, Ruth Fine, Allan L. Edmunds

(art gallery)




Philip Dodd, Ian Christie, British Film Institute, Hayward Gallery
British Film Institute [and] Hayward Gallery, 1996





2.jpg   4.jpg

Derek Mclane: Fully Commited, A Lie of the Mind

Andrew Murdock (Production designer/art director): Star Trek into darkness/beyond

Mark Dig




Metal Gear Solid (similar to Winter Soldier in plot/characters/vibe)


book research/inspiration

CRIMINAL: Bad Night by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (comic)

  • immersive, varied, gripping, storytelling that makes you feel melancholic for things you havent experienced before
  • inspiration: neon contrasting vibrant colours, rough gritty messy art style, brushstrokes


ART CINEMA by Paul Young and Paul Duncan


  • Brazil (1985) – Terry Gillam
  • Ballet mechanique (1924) – Dudley Murphy, Fernand Leger
  • Un chien andalou (1929) – Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali (apartment scene)
  • la course aux potirons (1908) – emile cohl (flying pumpkins)
  • The cage (1947) – sidney peterson (lost retina)
  • yellow mellow (2002) – nicolas provost (lion costume)
  • the floating house (2002) – paulette philips (house)
  • dwelling (2002) – hiraki sawa (miniature planes)
  • –> the holy mountain (1973) – alejandro jodorowsky
  • skyscraper symphony (1929) – robert florey (inspired by Berlin:symphony of a great city)
  • Manhatta (1921) – paul strand, charles sheeler
  • twenty four dollar island (1926) – robert j flaherty
  • –> metropolis (1927) – fritz lang
  • skyscraper (1960) – shirley clarke
  • single wide (2002)
  • house with pool (2004)
  • oh dem watermelons (1965) – robert nelson
  • der sandmann (1995) – stan douglas
  • lovers and lollipops (1956) – morris engel, ruth orkin
  • trash (1970) – andy warhol, paul morrissey
  • my hustler (1965) – andy warhol
  • rear window (1954) – hitchcock


  • ‘a film where words are pictures and sounds skip around like thoughts do’ – Robert Breer
  • films set apart from mainstream ones through aesthetic/ideological means
  • generally open ended, offer questions rather than answers
  • cinema = social phenomenon vs film = medium for creating cinema
  • “city symphony” genre
    • neorealist – use of locations as metaphors for emotional states
    • structuralism  – urban topography as reflection of human thought patterns

–> INSPO: creating art house film inspired set design? more stylised/conceptual/abstracted/surrealist?


RONIN by Frank Miller (comic) 

  • inspo: candy colour tones, clear, vivid panel to panel work for storyboarding inspo to show story/scene progression
  • scene composition inspiration: cluttered background environments, setting scene with simple but clear details






Existentialism & Humanism – lecture by Jean-Paul Sartre (unread book from Unit 1 Almost Human research)

  • kierkegaard
  • nietsche
  • satre
  • heidegger
  • “existence comes before essence”
  • begin from the subjective