post production

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-10 at 7.56.31 PM.jpegIMG_5384.JPG

  • found i particularly enjoyed doing the foley and editing audio SFX together, hadn’t previously worked this detailed on SFX for any project
  • creating the impression of sounds was more effective than actual realistic sounds, for example metallic noises for crowder were created from a variety of sounds (beans been shaken in a can, metal chains dropped on floor, assorted metal being hit on other metals)
  • editing – found a lot of excess footage in our shots that was unnecessary (still shots of a scene without any movement, lingering too long on parts), editing out critically to fit the flow of the story and film
  • colour grading – making exterior shots slightly more muted and blue toned to fit wasteland sci fi theme, interior shots balancing colours as lighting turned out very yellow
  • logo design – been talking as a group for a long time about designing a logo, went through many designs after discussion and sketching

final green screen film editing process


  • took very very long to sync together green screen + model footage, needed a lot of time to adjust and fine tune positions and coordinate camera movements, wasnt always in sync even after planning our shots beforehand
  • unexpected problem: footage filmed with megan’s lens was very blurry, footage with 50mm lens looked much clearer
    • –> solution: had to use masking and adjusting ultra key to reduce blur and fuzziness as much as possible, took extra time, in retrospect should have looked through footage first before filming all scenes to prevent extra unnecessary work
  • personal progress: learnt so much through own experimentation and online tutorials/help, this is the way i am most suited to for learning (trying process out myself rather than listening to instructions) 

  • group progress: wish there was slightly more time for everyone to experiment with green screening their own footage, as doing all the editing was quite a burden and couldve been split among other members if they had access to Premiere Pro at uni or at home with enough time.