april 2-16 – new york trip


times square, chinatown, sightseeingย 

  • atmosphere of walking in the street – full of energy that doesn’t exist any other place in the world, vibrancy and always something new and interesting happening

BRXN5906.jpgย CPLM0539.jpg


visiting the MOMA and the MET – picasso, van gogh worksย 

  • had the opportunity to see some of my favourite paintings in person, very surreal experience!
  • whole trip was incredibly inspiring, gave me a different view of life that was so different to what I was used to but felt so at home in
  • very motivated to move to study here!

exhibition/inspiration: fine art exhibit in wimbledon building


  • suitcase turned into miniature cluttered ‘set’ exhibited as part of fine art exhibition
  • found very interesting to visually explore all the detail, create narratives of what might have happened in scene just from what you can see
  • possible inspiration for animation, looking to achieve same visual impact and colour scheme, feeling of cluttered energy, full of character

star wars identities: dec 11

concept art matte paintings: amazing how realistic they looked, reflect skill of artists on the production 

seeing real props used on set in person was fascinating, esp being a star wars fan!

interactive element of exhibition: personalised ‘journey’ to find own star wars universe identity was interesting touch