filming process

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using dragonframe:

  • relatively simple process, had most trouble with seeing when things were in focus –> solved this by zooming into screen and using focus cue cards on the set to ensure focus
  • kept aspect ratio at 2.39:1 cinemascope to create cinematic effect for animation

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filming on set setup:

  • setting laptop on higher table allowed whole team to see filming process and identify any problems (hands in shot, blutack/tape sticking out, movement of props
  • ideally would have set placed on a higher table as the height was too low, had to stoop all the time to adjust and animate puppets
  • having large scale storyboard

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  • animating process: tried to set up teams for rota filming but ended up more effective to just stay as a unit for longer periods of time without switching and setting up/packing up

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  • whiteboard planning and writing lists/schedules really helped us to stay on task + communicate between groups in morning/afternoon when people weren’t around
  • clear filming list daily in chronological order so whoever was filming would know instantly what needed to be filmed

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  • storyboard – was always being edited and re-edited, shots taken out and shots added to fit story chronology better
  • crossing off shots after they were filmed to keep on track of progress



editing/keying green screen: feb 1/2


  • reviewing footage: lens used was not very appropriate, actor showed up not in focus, without depth in image
  • green screen: background not lit properly, could not key out entirely, left with fuzzy image and green shadows on clothes
  • –> IMPROVEMENT: on thurs filming day, light green screen properly and use three point lighting
  • editing onto moving footage of set: largely successful, had to compensate camera movement not synchronised by moving around actor image
  • experimenting with overlay and blending modes to make green screen footage fit onto set footage

editing/choreographing green screen movement: 30 jan mon

above: rough storyboard sketches of green screen choreography with notes on coresponding shots of model used 

keying: a lot easier process than i thought would be, simple to grasp as i have used photoshop and premiere beforehand
group conflict: some members felt like their ideas werent taken into consideration, i personally did not realise they felt this way, tried to ask for their opinions more often, encourage a positive group atmosphere when collaborating

choreography: visualisation process of figuring out what movement needed to achieve certain shots on screen, very helpful when we were in green screen shooting, actors and camera knew where to stand


  •  50mm lens: much better focusing on small model details
  • tripod: unexpectedly shakey, not smooth as expected
  • shoulder rig: great help in getting smooth shots, handles easier to move camera in smooth motion
  • storyboard planning: very useful in retrospect, i was very clear about what exact shots to get and didnt have to decide on the spot, saved a lot of time
  • crew: was difficult to shoot with so few people, wish the other members of team were more committed and showed up to help, were responsible for their roles



^ testing out potential shot angles with scale figure to try composition

  • useful to figure out group dynamic, what we produced for models and conceptually where we stood
  • brainstorming very useful, came up with ideas quickly and agreed on simple being best: patient in asylum dreaming in diff scenes and situations
  • group wasn’t dysfunctional but felt like i had to spend a lot of effort guiding everyone to come up with ideas, prompt them to voice opinions and make decisions
  • started planning camera angles of how to film shots, practical storyboarding, faster and more effective than drawing out storyboard