green screen chroma key: research/reflection

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  • compositing –> same concept as collage, moving collage? relate to montage?

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  • –> modern progress: white screen?

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  • –> relate to what I saw in Star Wars identities exhibition: much of the world was actually created eg. props, set + green screen wasnt used, created a much more realistic/believable effect
  • thought: audience being hypocritical? we constantly demand better CGI, larger more ‘wow factor’ explosions, bigger + better, but we criticise when filmmakers try to do so, to use new technologies and satisfy what we said we wanted

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  • –> i was previously aware of this, the green screen on hobbit did look very isolating with no set to act around, have to take into account method actors and different ways of getting into character, how that is affected by filming and production methods.