feb 8: dragonframe induction


  • was surprised at how quick it was to make a simple 1/2 second animation, though definitely would be more time consuming to make a 1/2 minute long one!
  • would like to experiment more with velocity settings panel to vary animation, create different motions and gestures
  • onion skinning + manual toggle very useful in controlling movement between frames, needs more practice to get comfortable with way of working

editing/choreographing green screen movement: 30 jan mon

above: rough storyboard sketches of green screen choreography with notes on coresponding shots of model used 

keying: a lot easier process than i thought would be, simple to grasp as i have used photoshop and premiere beforehand
group conflict: some members felt like their ideas werent taken into consideration, i personally did not realise they felt this way, tried to ask for their opinions more often, encourage a positive group atmosphere when collaborating

choreography: visualisation process of figuring out what movement needed to achieve certain shots on screen, very helpful when we were in green screen shooting, actors and camera knew where to stand