may 17 – library research session

  • victoria and albert museum online collection archive – able to find fashion sketches, visual graphics and printed matter that weren’t in collection displayed at museum
  • good for specific object reference, again was not too useful for understanding overall social context of ways of life in 1920s
  • overview of other online databases: may prove more useful, searches found more results such as photographs taken during 1920s, interiors of homes, depictions of daily life


i wanted to find more first hand research into existing architecture and styles of the 1940/1950s, what life was like during these periods to inform my concept development.

IMG_8471.JPG     IMG_8468 (1).JPGIMG_8471.JPG  IMG_8496.JPG

  • architecture: good to have idea of what exterior of building would have looked like, what my corridor space could have been part of within a real life period building, especially if art of the exterior needs to be built



  • visual inspiration for food related graphics in kitchen, what mightve been available at time, what brands


  • insight into authentic homes and places lived by New Yorkers over the years –> crafting realistic location and character