post production

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  • found i particularly enjoyed doing the foley and editing audio SFX together, hadn’t previously worked this detailed on SFX for any project
  • creating the impression of sounds was more effective than actual realistic sounds, for example metallic noises for crowder were created from a variety of sounds (beans been shaken in a can, metal chains dropped on floor, assorted metal being hit on other metals)
  • editing – found a lot of excess footage in our shots that was unnecessary (still shots of a scene without any movement, lingering too long on parts), editing out critically to fit the flow of the story and film
  • colour grading – making exterior shots slightly more muted and blue toned to fit wasteland sci fi theme, interior shots balancing colours as lighting turned out very yellow
  • logo design – been talking as a group for a long time about designing a logo, went through many designs after discussion and sketching