genre research: sci fi


  • ‘notoriously male genre’ – only because of overriding dominance of male-centric stories told in film and males within film industry, something that needs to be addressed and changed
  • reflective of patriarchal society of how even in future speculative alien worlds, women still don’t exist and aren’t given the same opportunities as men to live out adventures of leading protagonists
  • sense8 and outlander – both shows i have watched and enjoyed greatly especially because of the mentioned focus on balancing out sci-fi as an inclusive genre that includes people from all walks of life, breaking stereotypes and social norms
  • ‘feminisation of sci fi’ – i would strongly disagree, hint of a degrading tone much like saying ‘why are women ruining sci fi for everybody’, also is not just about gender but more about including diversity and increasing acceptance, showing a wider variety of society on screen and not just the straight white male

relating to genre animation:

  • reflective of how engrained patriarchal values are in our society – of how we assumed our characters would be ‘he’ and male, do they have to have a gender? could they be female?
  • pushing boundaries of sci fi as a genre – our film coming together and having elements of a rom-com in its feel, could it be an intergalactic love story?

tv: sense8 season 2

Sense8-Season-2-Review-1024x576.jpg  Sense8_205_Unit_02149_R-850x560.jpg

  • looking through news articles, saw it being described as an ’emotional catharsis’ – would agree entirely, able to capture heightened and very real, grounded emotions in a way I’ve never experienced with another TV show before
  • able to recapture the feeling and essence of the first season whilst expanding plotlines and having character development
  • makes me very happy that there is representation of an asian female main character who’s character/personality doesn’t revolve around their ethnicity, is given major plot lines and able to go through the journey a main protagonist would
  • love seeing diversity of all 8 main characters together on screen, championing unity freedom, love and peace