sunken cities @ british museum


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  • Stargate (1994)

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Having been fascinated with Egyptian history, mythology and culture since primary school when we learned about all the Egyptian gods in class, this exhibition was a delight to behold and satisfied my inner Egyptian soul very much.

Previously, I didn’t even know of the existence of these two sunken Egyptian cities (Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus), nor of the Greek invasion and the merging of Egyptian and Greek culture and mythology. It’s fascinating how even 2000 years ago, beliefs had common ground between them, much like religions today have common belief in a greater power.

It amazed me how perfectly intact some of the relics were even after thousands of years submerged in water, the hieroglyphics were completely readable as if they had been carved yesterday. I also did not know wood could be submerged for so long and not decay, as many of the sculptures had been carved out of large blocks of wood.

Quick sketches of the museum architecture and exhibits – interesting forms and designs that may inspire this project? 

Whilst looking for images from the exhibition, I came across concept art for the other famous sunken city Atlantis that I really liked the aesthetic of:


from article: Researchers Might Have Found the Sunken City of Atlantis, But Nobody is Talking About It Anymore’




Observing crowds and people watching around the British Museum.


Finally understand where all the iconic photos of the curved grid ceiling came from, can’t believe it is the first time I’ve been to the British Museum in over a year!


Lovely shadows and architectural shapes outside the museum.

Tottenham Court Road tube station has some wonderful graphic shapes and spaces created at the moment!