may 18 – tate modern

Cildo Meireles, ‘Babel’ 2001

Babel, Cildo Meireles, 2001

  • made the strongest impression on me this visit, because of its sheer scale and atmosphere of walking into a dim room
  • was like stepping into another dystopia world, surrounded by flashing lights and noise of radios humming
  • –> using light this effectively to create atmosphere, focusing and contrasting light to highlight the important parts of the design –> apply to design of the interior set




tate exchange:

  • probably my favourite area of the tate, interactive art is something I really enjoy and wish there was more of in galleries/museums
  • was inspired to add to existing scale (above), prompt about society and the influence of art made me think about my recent experiences of feeling displaced culturally in society between east and west, how art is a bridging medium between the two that doesn’t abide by language or cultural norms
  • ‘if this cardboard box was society, illustrate how you would change it’  –> i created installation over space of boxes connected by tape (like the ‘red string’ that ties people together in chinese folklore) as a visual representation of connecting people together, diversifying



national gallery /tate modern/somerset house

national gallery:





<– sketching passing people, time lapse captured in sketch form










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surrealist art exhibition


‘The Autobiography of an Embryo’, Elleen Agar, 1934

Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Salvador Dali, 1937


Somerset House (1) (2) – utopia exhibition

utopia blog:

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  • interesting themes and concepts, existentialism, life/death, inevitability

utopia exhibition:

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