the tempest live by RSC: jan 11

 imaginarium motion capture for ariel character: did not realise actor was on stage at same time as Projection, was not visible until camera angle showed actor, very effective and innovative technologyfamiliar with green screen after watching behind the scenes of hobbit/lotr when creating gollum, but did not know it could be used for creating live action movement immediately without rendering! 

set design: standout were towers projected onto mosquito netting combined with motion capture to create flawlessly combined scenes of characters floating


theatre: platinum at hampstead theatre


<– selfie with George Bladgen: playing lead character in play


  • MARVIN GAYE song used!
  • THE SONG OF US – fictional song created to inspire entire play, was so realistic I thought was based on real song until I googled and realised it didnt exist!
  • revolutionary ‘protest songs’ of the 70s – recurring theme throughout
  • AUTHENTICIty: artists intellectual rights, is it still your song if you didnt write it
  • COLLECTIVE US-NESS VS INDIVIDUALITY: very topical theme regarding US election and Trump’s exclusive policies
  • was not expecting to get so invested in characters, really enjoyed live songs being incorporated into play and deeper, universally relevant themes being discussed and explored