feb 9: phil lewis animation lecture




  • having grown up with watching wallace and gromit – very surreal to see behind-the-scenes of making and how characters were brought to life
  • storyboard: almost picture-perfect to shots from final film, amazing thought and planning taken into account, very clear vision of what film needed to be
  • interesting to come back to it looking through lens as a designer, as a kid did not even consider that someone had to hand animate characters and scenes!


  • in awe of the detail gone into designs, Phil’s passion and knowledge for boats really shows in his work


  • seeing that professional designers also work in this manner in their workspace – inspiration and ideas placed visually everywhere – made me really happy as this is the way i naturally work and think through ideas!



  • particularly liked Phil Lewis’ concept art, really like his illustration style, aesthetic and conveys a mood clearly whilst serving its function of expressing idea and concepts
  • reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s concept art – fluid expressive watercolour style

concept art for Spirited Away (2011)

—-> use Ghibli films as visual/conceptual inspiration, have various spider like characters, birds, relevant set designs