work experience: ‘Park Village’ production company runner

  • found it much easier to navigate set after previous experience, more used to workings of set and all crew members doing their own jobs in same space
  • navigating hectic set days: dealing with problems as they arise, having to find quick solutions from resources at hand 
  • first time seeing talent on set, mostly leaving them to chat to their crew of hair/makeup 

Molinare post production company Runner Work experience: dec 12-16 

got to sit in with variety of departments, gained lots of insight into what post prod houses do and individual roles, how they all fit together

most interesting: seeing colour grading/editing suites, full scale operating panels in use 

runner: all teas and coffees! no two days the same, always diff small jobs/problems to fix 

NETWORKING: learning curve, small talking, always being open to meeting new people, building rapport

work experience: VICE christmas commercial (art department assistant)

  • part of VICE tradition – does christmas ad parodies every year!
  • –> future inspiration from existing christmas ad themes?

tasks completed:

  • set dressing and design with other assistant and Set Dresser, creating homey christmas scene
  • checking continuity of props and set between scenes
  • making and changing hero book prop covers, props assistant for bat/book during takes
  • stand in for actors whilst blocking scenes and dressing set details


  • first experience of being on an ‘official’ shooting set, loved atmosphere and energy of everyone on their toes, enthusiastic to be there and shoot scenes
  • production problems are inevitable even when planned to the finest detail – props van carrying all main props was over an hour late, location chosen was not ideal for scene being shot, too many/too few props and materials available, had to improvise with available materials
  • shoot can change in a split second depending on what director wants: props modified, blocking of actors completely changed, locations and placings changed
  • everyone knows their role and carries it out, eg. lighting crew but is always willing to help out other departments if needed, 1st AD/DOP very hands-on in fixing costume, makeup and set dressing details, helping out actors with movements

‘storm the gates’ short film – nov 27 sun

  • first experience helping out on short film, had role of lighting assistant to gaffer + runner duties as needed
    • stand in for actors, changing/moving/adjusting lighting, moving props, assisting actors with scenes/scene changes



  • film process = very organic, had very well planned storyboards and blocking but largely dependent on external factors during shooting a scene, eg. cars passing by and ruining exterior shots –> used to advantage by utilising lighting to create lens flares and interest within shot.
  • night shoot = tiring!
  • lighting – had never previously used professional lighting equipment this closely, was very insightful to learn about ways of adjusting/positioning lighting:
    • previous knowledge from CSM foundation about three point lighting – was used in practice as much as possible (one on each side of face, one for backlight) but rule was ignored and broken during many scenes – insufficient space or used for creating desired effect – face in shadow or certain areas highlighted
    • too bright/too dim lighting ruins a shot, doesnt convey atmosphere. trial and error process of placing lighting where it is needed + what hue, used different coloured lighting gels to create metaphorical changing moods within a shot
  • lots of insight into filming process observed as i was right beside camera, process of shooting with black magic camera (learned about during previous induction):
    • homemade rigs eg. suspending camera from car door window with elastic rope, sliding rigs created with skateboard
    • lots of switching around different rigs depending on shooting location eg. handheld shoulder rig to separated screen with portable lens part, very few scenes shot on tripod
  • film process was race against time, on tight schedule and was stressful when couldn’t get shots completed/production issues, switched shooting order around to save time and maximise time on set.